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Customize your receipt layouts

We’ll work with you in creating a receipt design that fits your needs.  Once your printer is connected with our simple set-up, just accept orders as normal, and your custom receipt will print.  Our systems handle all the dirty work to ensure that the order is genuine, so you can do what you do best.


How custom receipts can increase your sales

With a standard receipt, you get the general items:
Store name, address, telephone number.
Items bought and

And lets face it, these can be plain and boring and most customers will never look twice at it.
So how can a receipt increase sales?  You make it worth looking at.  Add a promotion to the receipt by using a QR code.  Place your logo in the background as a watermark to make it look smarter.  Add in your holiday opening hours at the bottom during holiday seasons.  Or add anything else you can think of!

Do something that will get your customers talking.  We are in the social media day and age – Put something on your receipts that will make people say “Wow, look at this!”


Bringing your business forward with customized receipts


Your receipts are currently just bits of paper that contain a customer’s recent spend.  The challenge is turning that peice of paper into a talking point to gain repeat business and word of mouth referrals.


Design a receipt layout that is different to the norm.  Add things to your receipt that will make your customers sit up and notice you.  For example, instead of adding your address to your receipt, add a Google Map pointing to your address.


“I can’t believe the difference custom receipts have made. Our business has a much more prestige look to it now”